About Kelly Network Solutions

Roland Valtierra established Kelly Network Solutions in 2006 after successfully running Semans Communications, Inc. for over 20 years. The Semans business model was to establish a reputation for the highest quality installations and to provide premier services for their clients. This model was proven throughout the industry. When Semans closed its doors in 2006, Roland decided to take that same ambitious service model and apply it to Kelly Network Solutions. At Kelly Network Solutions we will exceed our client's expectations. Repeat business promotes growth within a service-oriented company and at Kelly Network Solutions our main goal is to secure our customers trust and develop long lasting professional relationships.

Johan Darmawan started in mid 2014 to carry the reputation and make it even better. He has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, 13 technology patents and has over 25 years in the Technology and Operations of multiple semiconductor companies. Under his direction, we strive to be the industry leader with no compromises.

Whether it's structured cabling, electrical, physical security, or telecom; a Kelly Network Solutions job is done right, the first time.